“Janice reminds me of the bada** reporters in movies.”
Yep. That's what a total stranger said about me in this article for the Women of Cincy website, after I[...]
Best. Review. Ever.
All the positive reviews for my book are amazing and humbling. I just noticed today that several total strangers have[...]
Bookstore debut: It’s official
When a friend sent me this picture today, my jaw dropped open. I had just dropped off a supply of[...]
ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
I'm still catching my breath from last week's whirlwind. In case you missed it, here's what kept me so busy...[...]
What folks are saying
I keep getting emails telling me, "I can't wait to read this book."  Every author dreams of that type of[...]
LIVE on the air!
Today, I went LIVE on a radio show for the first time--and I am booked for several additional radio show[...]