Ryan Widmer, his drowned bride and the justice system

A gripping true-crime drama, based on exclusive new information, Submerged exposes hidden angles of a case that divided an American community, tore apart two families and tested the criminal justice system.

Compelled by conscience and curiosity, former Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Janice (Morse) Hisle—who covered the saga of Ryan and Sarah Widmer from the start—dug deep to tell the untold story. Ten years later, new questions and answers surfaced in dozens of interviews, 6,000 pages of trial transcripts and previously unrevealed records about Sarah's bathtub drowning and Ryan's prosecution.

SUBMERGED will leave you pondering long after you turn the final page.

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As Seen on CNN

Author Janice Hisle was among three panelists who discussed the Ryan Widmer case and the battle over obtaining his deceased wife's DNA.  Widmer's attorneys want to conduct genetic tests to determine if Ryan's wife, Sarah, may have suffered from a health disorder that could have caused her to drown in her bathtub. 


Among all the reporters who covered the Widmer case, Janice was the best-informed, most inquisitive, most persistent and definitely the most aware of all of the subtleties of a case that had many layers.

About the Author

Janice Hisle established herself as a bulldog news reporter—with a heart—during more than two decades as a professional journalist. She would fight, scratch and claw for public records yet wrote tragic stories with a soft touch. . . . More


Janice’s writing perfectly captures the emotions we were feeling when all of this was happening. Even though I lived the story, I could not put it down."

Gary Widmer
Father of Ryan Widmer


Janice Hisle knows more about the Widmer case than just about anyone else.  She has captured the essence of the case and all of its ins and outs. Submerged is an easy read and a real page-turner."

Mike Allen
former Hamilton County prosecutor


I’m happy that the whole story is finally being told—and some new facts might make people think twice.”

Dana Kist

Friend of Sarah and Ryan