When a friend sent me this picture today, my jaw dropped open.

I had just dropped off a supply of SUBMERGED: Ryan Widmer, his drowned bride and the justice system to Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Friday, July 27th–at their request!–at two locations in the Cincinnati area. But I hadn’t had a chance to SEE the books on display yet…until a friend texted me this image when she visited the Rookwood location.


It’s a childhood dream come true: I’m a bona fide BOOK AUTHOR. When I was a little kid, I used to make “books” by stapling a “spine” along stacks of typing paper. Now it’s official. It FEELS even more official because my book is for sale in an actual STORE. Not just online. Not just at a book-signing with my friends and supporters. It’s tangible. And I thank Joseph-Beth for the incredible display! (Book-signing in the works, too.)

While I’m happy that the book is resonating with so many people, I’m sad that this case has been nightmarish for those who lived the story.

Still, this story cried out to be told–and I believed I was the only one who could tell it this thoroughly, considering:

  • I COVERED all three of Ryan Widmer’s trials for the Cincinnati Enquirer.
  • I LIVE in the community where this horrible case happened.
  • I had amassed a file full of UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, which few other people had even considered.
  • I had established a rapport with many of the key players surrounding the case.

I believe this story imparts powerful lessons for all of us–regardless of our opinions about Ryan Widmer’s guilt or innocence.

Thank you for supporting this endeavor.