In case you missed it, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see my former employer, The Cincinnati Enquirer, devote so much space to an article about some revelations contained in my book  as well as an excerpt of my book. 

Those articles ran Sunday, July 15, when my book launched at two private book-signing parties. News media were invited to cover the second one. Fox 19 produced this very comprehensive report, and Channel 5 also provided great coverage but I wasn’t able to immediately find a postable link to it. (If anyone has one, please submit to comments.)

Thanks also to the Northern Kentucky Tribune, for this article. Sarah Widmer, 24, lived in Bellevue for a time and also was working as a dental hygienist in Fort Thomas until she died August 11th, 2008. Sarah drowned in the bathtub of the home she shared with her husband, Ryan, in Warren County, Ohio. He was convicted and sentenced to 15-to-life, but maintains his innocence.