Yep. That’s what a total stranger said about me in this article for the Women of Cincy website, after I released my new book on the Ryan Widmer “bathtub drowning” case.

The young lady who interviewed me and wrote the article, Abby McGuire, perceived me as confident. But truly, I was out of my comfort zone when I talked to her.  It’s quite a role reversal for me, being an interviewEE instead of the interviewER.

But talking to her was great. The conversation took me down memory lane. She’s still in college, fresh-faced, eager to learn…just like I was back when I decided to pursue journalism as my life’s work.

Even though job insecurity forced me out of the news business, writing is still my greatest passion. It was my privilege to provide Abby with material for her story. I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for her, because I do believe she’s talented. (And I’m not just saying that because I loved what she wrote about me.)

Again, many thanks to Abby! Wishing her many years of success…and I promised her this: She can count on me if she needs a mentor.