My new book, SUBMERGED, is the talk of Cincinnati, a reader, Ashley Knobbe, told me–just three days after the book was released. I actually showed up at Ashley’s doorstep to PERSONALLY deliver her autographed copy and we had a great time discussing the case. As I’ve often said, this case hurts my heart and fascinates my mind.

Another book customer was so shocked when I showed up at his door, he said, “This is kind of like winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse giveaway! I can’t believe you’re here!” I chatted with him briefly, and he said his wife and daughters were so eager to get their hands on this book, he might have to hide it from them.

For your autographed copy, please make sure you include that request in your delivery instructions while placing your order. And YOU also might get a surprise personal visit if you live in or near Warren County, Ohio.